"My wife and I were suddenly pulled into a most difficult situation with the death of my mother and a father who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. I came across Ms. Kathleen Losey's name in some of my mother’s papers, and on the recommendation of one of their neighbors, called to meet with Kathleen. I explained my situation as the only child, living in Atlanta Georgia, two teenage daughters, an impending Court Hearing on my father’s Guardianship, and a job as an Air Line pilot that takes me sometimes out of the country. I needed help.

Within just a few hours Ms. Losey had arranged for me to meet 2 contractors to make repairs to the house; Painting, roof work, hardwood floor repair were all coordinated. Landscaping was arranged and managed over the next 6 weeks. Charities were identified so that we might contribute some household goods. Since I was from out of town, Kathleen located utilities and service companies that needed to be notified. She even had the newspaper stopped!

I know it is in the job description to make sure the paper work is accurate, but since I was completely unaware of my parents household details, Kathleen personally assisted my wife and I on property taxes, title information, insurance and some of the "too numerous to name" details on the sale of my parents’ house.

The house sold in 3 days. On my first question about moving, Kathleen had FOUR appointments arranged so we might take competing bids on the move to Georgia. A cleaning service was arranged to make the house ready for the new owners. Closing took 30 minutes.

To say that we are grateful would be an understatement. We have never worked with a more capable, knowledgeable, prepared, helpful, tolerant, trustworthy and remarkably tireless individual as Ms. Kathleen Losey."

P & J D.

“We had the good fortune of having Ms. Kathleen Losey as our real estate agent. She provided her expertise, a lot of hard work and personal time to assist us in selling our house and finding a house that met my wife's expectation (a difficult chore in itself) all in a couple weeks' time. She also assisted us in finding adequate financing and made the closing for our old home and the new one, a smooth and relatively pleasant process. My wife and I believe without Kathleen's support this evolution would not have gone so smoothly.
In closing if we ever have a need for a Real Estate Agent support in the future and Ms. Kathleen Losey is available we would insist that she be our agent.

W & K F.

"The purpose of this letter is to describe our satisfaction with the real estate services provided by Ms. Kathleen Losey and recommend her enthusiastically to any prospective clients.

Ms. Losey has served as our agent for the sale of our long-time home and for assistance in locating and purchasing our present home. She has been well known to us for many years as an active Civic League officer and member, especially knowledgeable about the Witchduck - Thoroughgood - Independence corridor area of Virginia Beach.

She demonstrates complete mastery of her field, careful and tactful in all details. Her professional manner is always upbeat and she shows good imagination in promoting sales interest for her listings.

With out reservation, we commend her abilities as a real estate agent.